About Stello

performing arts



Stello Ministries is a multi-denominational discipleship ministry that cultivates the creative talents and the spiritual gifts of the next generation. We use the performing arts as a platform for the message of Kingdom of God and we desire to share His good news with excellence, authenticity, and creativity.

A Production

We serve as a performing arts ministry in our effort to use the arts to communicate God's creativity, beauty, and emotion. We believe the arts are a powerful tool to impact, entertain, and encourage- for the glory of God and the advancement of the Kingdom. We desire to use the talents as they were designed to be used-with skill and diligence. We surrender our performance to God and seek to perform in a way that declares that we are loved by a creative and beautiful God. Our concerts communicate a specific Kingdom truth that the students have grown in throughout the semester. We include elements of evangelism, worship, and prayer, because we believe that the stage is an additional opportunity to present the Good News of the Kingdom to a watching world. We do this for the glory of One and the encouragement of many. May lives forever be changed because of our productions.

A Worship Ministry

We serve as a worship ministry in our pursuit of Christ's fame. We desire to use our gifts and talents to bring ourselves and others before the throne of God in worship. Whether we sing, play an instrument, dance, or hang out with friends, we offer praise to our Father. All Stello Discipleship Choirs seek to use their platform as a mission field where they can share the Gospel. It is not about performing for applause, but performing to demonstrate God's beauty, power, grace, and love. It is about expressing our gratitude, desperation, and adoration to a God who delights in the praises of His children.

A Discipleship Ministry

We serve as a discipleship ministry in our effort to invest in the lives of students. Stello teachers take a personal interest in the lives of students and seek to train and encourage kids in their Christian walk. Listening ears and praying hearts come alongside families to point students to Christ. Stello teachers and staff seek to demonstrate Christ's redeeming work in their own lives, not proclaiming their own perfection, but accepting Christ's perfection and their identity in Him. We encourage students to do the same.

A Testimony

We serve as a testiony in our effort to live in light of the grace of God. God has been using Stello to move His Children to deeper faith, greater boldness, and stronger conviction. As we have been growing in our understanding of God's transformative grace, our lives have been changed.  We encourage the students to not only read the Bible and cherish it's stories, but to believe them and then go and live out their own story with God. As the students and staff have begun to live out this truth, we've watched God move in beautiful ways. We're so excited by all that God is doing and we're eager to tell the world about His great love!