Stello Ministries is changing the world one life at a time. You can be a part of this Kingdom work through your financial investment. Your donation will be used to purchase the ministry and production materials and will cover the expenses of our performance and business needs such as facilities, insurance, and licensing. Your donation will also financially support Eden Kroeger as she serves this community full time.


If you have questions on our financial needs or philosophy, please don't hesitate to let us know! 

David Kroeger

Financial Manager

Business Classifictation

Stello Ministries LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation, meaning we operate as a small business and not as a 501(c)3, non-profit entity. Your donations are no tax- deductible, but should be treated as a regular expense. We have chosen this business model after significant prayer and professional counsel and we remain confident in this decision for this season. Our heart is not to profit off the message and ministry of the Gospel, but to have the flexibility and freedom of a small business, enabling us to move as God leads. If you would like more information on how Stello Ministries allocates finances, please contact David Kroeger.

Stello Needs

Due to our growing size and expanding vision, there are many needs that we have brought before God and we invite you to pray about with us. Below is a list of some of Stello's most pressing expenses and points of prayer. Please join us in prayer and donate as you feel led.

  • We desire to have a home of our own so we can regularly hold practices, meetings, worship times, open prayer hours, and community shaping events. We are praying for a building of our own that might even be able to hold our concerts and other large assemblies, if this is God's will.

  • We are praying for donations to cover all staff salaries. As of this moment, only Eden is being paid and her pay is below $10,000 a year. We are praying for a full time, paid staff, if this is God's will. 

  • We continue to pray for donations to cover facility fees. Each month we pay between $800- $1000 for facility rent.

  • We pray for donations to cover concert expenses. Each concert costs between $2000-$5000.

  • We pray for donations to cover licensing. Music and video licensing can cost up to $5000 a year.