History and Vision

Stello Ministries has grown a lot since its beginning in  2011. What started out as a homeschool girls choir desiring to teach choral technique in a Christian context  and developed into a multi-denominational performing arts, worship, and discipleship ministry that uses music to as a platform for the Good News of the Kingdom. God breathed revival into our hearts at Stello and now we are on a mission to let Him use us to do the same in our community.


When Stello first began in January 2011, there was very little vision. In fact, it began because my parents told me to get a job!

So the next week, I emailed some families I knew and started a choir for their homeschooled daughters. Over the next three years, God graciously used  the choir to encourage the girls, build their confidence on and off the stage, and make a difference in their lives. However, in 2013, God called me into ministry and as i began to pray about where I was supposed begin my ministry, He highlighted that He already given me that platform. I began to be more intentional with their "devotional" times and invested in praying for the girls and their families.That year, I saw girls begin to hunger after God. I witnessed them overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abusive backgrounds,  and fear of man. I watched them come alive in worship and begin to hear His voice.

Over the next three years, Stello grew to include different age groups and even a boys' choir, but the choirs were becoming less of a choir and more of a context for life transformation, culminating in an evangelistic concert. It's been a beautiful and confusing ride seeing how God has stretched us all and worked miracles in our midst. Now we're a group of young men and women who grow together, sing together, pray together, and declare the Gospel together. We're the body of Christ coming together to do as the Spirit leads and we sing, dance, act, and create along the way!


After seeing God do so much in and through Stello, we are ready to trust Him for more. Our desire to is to see the Church, the Bride, burn with passion for her Groom. We believe God is calling this next generation to rebuild the ruins and former devastations, to renew hope, joy, peace and purpose. We believe God is inviting His children to open their Bibles and begin to live their own Bible stories. Stello means "to equip" and we are equipping the next generation to stand firm in who He says He is and what He says He'll do. We are equipping these men and women to live into their identity and their calling. We will worship and continue to hold nights of worship so that we might reach, encourage, and inspire those around us to join in pursuit of His glory and His will. We are ready to go "all in" to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We will sing about it until every ear has heard and we will dance about it until every eye has seen the goodness of our God and the power of His name. May God be glorified and this city changed as these kids go forth in His name, for His fame.